Superficial Radiation Therapy

A sensible skin cancer and keloid treatment

Superficial Radiation Therapy is the best treatment option for anyone suffering from non-melanoma skin cancer or keloids.

As healthcare advocates who understand the serious risks, complications and side effects that can accompany the surgical intervention of skin cancer, we began a mission to provide patients and physicians with alternative cancer treatments—specifically, a non-surgical solution for basal cell carcinoma treatment and squamous cell carcinoma treatment. Not only does Superficial Radiation Therapy work for non-melanoma skin cancer, but it also works on keloids. When physicians utilize SRT on patients after the removal of keloids, keloid recurrence rates drop dramatically!

We are honored to offer the SRT-100™. Inspired by the tried-and-true Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) systems that were once the proven gold standard among dermatologists and radiation oncologists, our state-of-the-art system is ideal for basal cell carcinoma treatment and squamous cell carcinoma treatment.

With a compact 30”x30” footprint, the mobile unit delivers a precise and calibrated dose of SRT that penetrates only five millimeters below the skin’s surface—making it one of the safest and most effective alternative cancer treatments available. Unlike more powerful radiation devices, the SRT-100™ carefully destroys malignant skin cancer cells while preserving healthy tissue. With this new innovative technology, patients can expect to be back to their normal daily routine on the same day of treatment! The process is pain free and non-invasive.

Read more about Superficial Radiation Therapy and Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100 devices today. Be a part of the newest and revolutionary technology in non-melanoma skin cancer and keloid treatment!

Are you a patient and would like to inquire about the SRT-100™? You can do so here.

Are you a physician and would like to inquire about having the SRT-100™ in your practice? You can do so here.

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Explore a non-surgical alternative to Mohs.

The SRT-100™ is good news for the nearly 3.5 million Americans who are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer each year. More than half of these newly diagnosed patients are over 60 and often have a higher risk for surgical complications due to diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions.

While Mohs surgery has been the traditional choice for basal cell carcinoma treatment and squamous cell carcinoma treatment, it has several serious drawbacks. The excision of cancerous tissue along with healthy surrounding tissue leads to a painful and lengthy healing process that increases the risk for infection. Patients who undergo Mohs are also left with significant scarring.

Since nearly 80 percent of skin cancer occurs on visible areas of the face, head and neck, reconstructive plastic surgery is often required. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 87 percent of plastic surgeons in the U.S. perform cosmetic surgery on people who have had Mohs. In fact, reconstructive surgery following Mohs is the second most common procedure performed by plastic surgeons.


SRT is an effective Keloid Treatment.

Keloid scars—the rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules triggered by too much collagen production and an overgrowth of scar tissue—can be painful and unsightly. Prevention is difficult due to a genetic predisposition in African American, Asian, Hispanic and individuals of color. While there are topical over-the-counter products for keloid removal, they aren’t very effective. Keloid treatment often involves surgery, but there is a high risk that the incision made during the keloid removal will become the site of a new keloid. The SRT-100™ has proven very effective in keloid treatment. A precise and targeted low dose of Superficial Radiation Therapy following surgical keloid removal prevents the regrowth of a new keloid.


The Benefits of SRT

Along with eliminating the risks for post-surgical infections and complications, the SRT-100™ provides patients and physicians with a safe and effective treatment option that offers many benefits, including:

  1. 95%+ cure rates that rival surgery
  2. No anesthesia, cutting, bleeding, stitching or pain
  3. No downtime or lifestyle restrictions
  4. Super cosmesis, no unsightly scarring
  5. No need for post-treatment reconstructive surgeries