Sensus Healthcare Introduces High-Frequency Ultrasound Image Guidance Technology to Its Superficial Radiotherapy Device

Sensus Healthcare Introduces High-Frequency Ultrasound Image Guidance Technology to Its Superficial Radiotherapy Device

July 1, 2015

Boca Raton, Florida

Sensus Healthcare, a manufacturer and marketer of medical devices that incorporate superficial radiation therapy (SRT) for noninvasive treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids, will debut its SRT-100 Vision System™ at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) exhibition in Anaheim, Calif. The upcoming meeting brings together leading scientists who contribute to ensuring accuracy, safety and quality in the use of radiation in medical procedures such as medical imaging and radiation therapy.

Equipped with high-frequency ultrasound image guidance at 22 MHz and 75 MHz, the new SRT-100 Vision enables clinicians to examine and assess lesions at the micron level. By better defining lesion boundaries and margins, proper protocols for treatment plans can be determined, notably identifying the optimal treatment energy and field size to optimize cure rates.

According to Sensus’ Chief Technology Officer Kal Fishman: “The innovative design of the SRT-100 Vision takes superficial radiation therapy, long acknowledged as the ‘gold standard’ for noninvasive treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, to the next level of skin care excellence for patients and the overall healthcare system.”

The SRT-100 Vision is also FDA cleared for the treatment of keloids following surgical removal, allowing prophylactic treatment for this chronic condition to general surgery patients who are predisposed to their development. “A high cure rate, low recurrence rate and improved cosmetic results are proven outcomes associated with the state-of-the-art devices,” Mr. Fishman added.

Other state-of-the-art features of SRT-100 Vision include:

    • Automated filter selection for all KV Modes
    • Built-in RAD Check™ daily QC
    • Precision applicators from 1 cm to 18 x 8 cm for treating a wide range of basal cell and squamous cell cancer and keloid lesions
    • Treatment field laser positioning
    • Integrated audiovisual aids for lesion documentation and patient monitoring
    • Fully integrated Record and Verify workflow with HL7 support
    • Enhanced patient safety and operator ergonomics features throughout the system

“We are delighted to showcase our SRT-100 Vision at AAPM’s premier educational event since their members are the medical physicists responsible for making sure that emerging techniques in medical imaging and radiation therapy are as safe and effective for patient care as possible,” said Mr. Fishman.


About Sensus Healthcare

Sensus Healthcare LLC (Boca Raton, FL) is a medical device company that is committed to enabling non-invasive and cost-effective treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids. Sensus uses a proprietary low energy x-ray radiation technology known as superficial radiation therapy (SRT), which is a result of over a decade of dedicated research and development activities. Sensus has successfully incorporated the SRT therapy into its portfolio of treatment devices, the SRT-100™ and SRT-100 Vision™. To date, the SRT technology has been used to effectively and safely treat oncological and non-oncological skin conditions in thousands of patients. For more information, visit https://www.sensushealthcare.com


About AAPM

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (www.aapm.org) is a scientific, educational, and professional organization with nearly 8,000 medical physicists. Headquarters are located at the American Center for Physics in College Park, Md.

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