Skin Cancer in Animals

Pets Are People Too!

It is often overlooked that animals can get skin cancer, just like humans. Many animals have fur which act as a shield from harmful UV rays, however, this does not mean that they are fully protected. Animals that have lighter colored fur are more vulnerable to sunburn, therefore more susceptible. Non-melanoma skin cancer, mainly squamous cell carcinomas, are often found on ear tips, noses, and eyelids of these said animals.

There are certain things to watch for to tell if your animal has skin cancer or not. This would usually look “a red spot or open sore that isn’t healing within a week or two, or that is changing or growing quickly, especially in an area of less hair” (skincancer.org). If you have speculations that your animal may have skin cancer, visit your veterinarian and discuss different treatment options.

For animals that have non-melanoma skin cancer, a sensible treatment option is with Sensus Healthcare’s Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT). Just like it does for humans, SRT can be used to treat animals non-invasively for skin cancer.

Currently, there are three veterinarians that use SRT to treat animals. Contact us today to find out where you can bring your pet to be treated! Alternatively, if you are a vet and would like to inquire about how you can get SRT in to your practice, contact us here.

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