Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment in Fredericksburg Texas

Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Symptoms to Watch For

Both squamous and basal cell carcinoma can be sneaky, as the symptoms of non-melanoma skin cancer can differ so greatly from one person to the next, or even from one instance of a carcinoma you develop to another that may present differently years later. But as one in four Americans will develop non-melanoma skin cancer at some point in their lives, it’s critical that you know the symptoms of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma so you can get to a Fredericksburg, TX skin cancer doctor immediately if you identify an issue on your skin.

Looking at photos of skin cancer will show you a raft of different basal and squamous cell carcinoma symptoms, which can include these common symptoms of skin cancer:

  • Flaky, waxen skin that may look grayish, yellow, or paler than your flesh
  • Unexplained sores that do not heal or respond to first aid style treatment
  • Irregular moles with darker and lighter patches and uneven borders
  • Raised bumps that may be red, pink, or pale and often have a shiny appearance
  • Angry-looking red lesions without logical explanation

If you have any of these symptoms (or anything else resembling a picture of skin cancer you have seen), you should get to a Fredericksburg Texas skin cancer specialist as soon as possible. But also don’t hesitate to get to a skin cancer doctor if you identify anything else on your skin that makes you uneasy. And also don’t skip regular skin checks with your Fredericksburg, TX dermatologist.

Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment

Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment

A Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Prognosis in Fredericksburg, TX

It’s a question dermatologists and skin cancer specialists hear all the time: “How serious is basal cell skin cancer?” Or: “How dangerous is squamous cell skin cancer?”

The answer to both of those is quite, as in quite serious and quite dangerous, if you don’t take prompt action to get squamous or basal cell carcinoma removal intervention. With prompt treatment, however, both types of non-melanoma skin cancer, which constitute together the most common type of cancer in America overall, are highly treatable and your non-melanoma skin cancer prognosis should be good, with a cure rate near 100%.

For reference, melanoma skin cancer accounts for fewer than 5% of skin cancer cases yet leads to more than 75% of skin cancer mortalities. With the best basal or squamous cell carcinoma treatment, non-melanoma skin cancer is curable and need not have a majorly deleterious effect on anyone’s life.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal

Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal

The Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment In Fredericksburg, Texas

There are many options for treating skin cancer, from cryosurgery for skin cancer removal to topical creams to treatment with lasers to more traditional skin cancer surgery. But there are only two skin cancer treatments that routinely achieve a 98% cure rate on the first round of interventions, and these are Mohs surgery and Superficial Radiation Therapy.

In Fredericksburg TX Mohs surgery is a good option for many patients because the treatment involves real time testing of excised tissue so doctors can be sure they have removed all of the cancer from a patient before considering the treatment concluded. Mohs surgery is commonly used for basal cell carcinoma on the nose, scalp, hands, and other sensitive areas with thinner skin tissue.

But Mohs surgery is not always a viable skin cancer treatments, as some people have blood clotting issues, negative responses to anesthetics, or may be worried about disfiguring scarring. For these patients Superficial Radiation Therapy (or SRT) as can be performed using the FDA cleared Sensus Healthcare SRT-100 device is a great option for noninvasive skin cancer treatment in Fredericksburg, Texas. SRT is nearly pain-free, is highly successful in treating basal and squamous cell skin cancer, and can be performed as an outpatient procedure with no lingering side effects or long term health risks.

Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment

Best Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment

Successful Keloid Removal In Fredericksburg, TX

If you are looking for ways to remove a keloid in Fredericksburg, Texas then Superficial Radiation Therapy may be a great treatment for yo to discuss with your skin care specialists. Because keloid scars often grow back after removal, using SRT following keloid removal surgery is a must to stop this frustrating regrowth pattern. SRT can eliminate the fibroblast cells that lead to overproduction of collagen that forms keloid scars, and when applied in the days immediately following keloid removal surgery in Fredericksburg, TX the successful keloid removal cure rate surpasses 94%, far better than the success of keloid treatment without follow-up procedures. SRT for keloid treatment is virtually pain-free and is often covered by insurance companies.

Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment Fredericksburg, Texas

Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment Fredericksburg, Texas

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