CEO Money: Dr Ellen Turner is using a non-invasive, painless method to treat skin cancer


Dr. Ellen Turner discusses with CEO Money host, Michael Yorba, the non-invasive and pain free benefits of treating skin cancer with Superficial Radiation Therapy. With Dr. Turner’s two dermatology practice locations in the Dallas area, she knows that one in three Texans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Check out the video below or read the full article here.


The Benefits of SRT

Along with eliminating the risks for post-surgical infections and complications, the SRT-100™ provides patients and physicians with a safe and effective treatment option that offers many benefits, including:

  1. 95%+ cure rates that rival surgery
  2. No anesthesia, cutting, bleeding, stitching or pain
  3. No downtime or lifestyle restrictions
  4. Super cosmesis, no unsightly scarring
  5. No need for post-treatment reconstructive surgeries