Dr. William I. Roth Presenting Three SRT Cases


Making a strong case for the remarkable efficacy, safety, and peerless outcomes for non-melanoma skin cancer patients, Dr. William Roth reviews the background and history of superficial radiotherapy and its important role in treating NMSC patients. Dr. Roth is presenting three very compelling BCC and SCC cases with his patients, who chose SRT to treat their NMSCs, and how they achieved superior results with virtually no impact on their quality of life, nor any residual traces of their skin cancers.

The Benefits of SRT

Along with eliminating the risks for post-surgical infections and complications, the SRT-100™ provides patients and physicians with a safe and effective treatment option that offers many benefits, including:

  1. 95%+ cure rates that rival surgery
  2. No anesthesia, cutting, bleeding, stitching or pain
  3. No downtime or lifestyle restrictions
  4. Super cosmesis, no unsightly scarring
  5. No need for post-treatment reconstructive surgeries