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Skin Cancer Treatment Roswell

Skin cancer rates are rapidly increasing every year. Many who go to the dermatologist and have been diagnosed with skin cancer, are now beginning to explore their treatment options. For those that have just been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, we have the solution for you. This is with the SRT-100. The SRT-100 utilizes Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) to target non-melanoma skin cancer at the source. This treatment is non-invasive and therefore patients should not expect to have any surgery or wound-care. 

For those with keloid scarring, SRT is also a great treatment option. Once a keloid is surgically removed, the area is then treated with Superficial Radiation Therapy. By doing this, the chances of the keloids coming back after treatment is very minimal. Go with a treatment option that actually WORKS.

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