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Skin Cancer Treatment Marietta

Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) is a non-invasive approach to treating non-melanoma skin cancer and keloids. Treatment involving Superficial Radiation Therapy is fast, easy, and pain-free! For those being treated for non-melanoma skin cancer, treatment with SRT is non-invasive. Patients should expect to be treated only on the surface of their skin and therefore should not have to deal with wound care or change in daily activities. Not only is Superficial Radiation Therapy effective in treating non-melanoma skin cancer, but it is also effective in treating keloid scarring. When a keloid is surgically removed, the area is then treated with SRT. By doing this, the chances of the keloid scar reforming is slim. If you would like to be treated with Superficial Radiation Therapy in Marietta, GA for keloid and skin cancer, contact us!


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