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Keloid Removal Toccoa

Are you looking for the best keloid removal treatment Toccoa has to offer? Thanks to Sensus there is now a solution for the many patients that suffer from keloid scarring. Typically, patients believe that there is no treatment suitable for them. Sensus Healthcare is changing that with the SRT-100™. The SRT-100™ utilizes Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) to target keloid scarring after surgical removal. Superficial Radiation Therapy is 94% effective for patients with keloid scarring.

Whatever your reason may be, the SRT can provide a solution for your scarring! The SRT is an innovative solution that provides the best results compared to traditional treatments. Inquire with us today if you would like to be treated by the SRT for either keloid scarring or for skin cancer.

Toccoa #2

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