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Keloid Removal Savannah

18 million people suffer from unsightly keloid scars in the world today. If you suffer from keloid scarring, you may be self-conscious and feel the need to cover up your skin. Thanks to Sensus Healthcare’s treatment for after keloid removal to enhance and protect the natural beauty of your skin. The SRT treatment utilizes Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) to destroy the keloid scar tissue.

Have you been struggling with unsightly keloids from cardiac, orthopedic, obstetrics, gynecological or plastic surgery? Or, you are suffering from keloids due to acne, chickenpox, ear piercing or burn. Now there’s finally help that really works.

Until now, traditional keloid removal methods haven’t been very effective. However, when surgical removal of a keloid is performed, and then the area is treated with the SRT-100™, the chances of the keloids coming back are very slim. Contact Sensus Healthcare today to find out how you can be treated by the SRT-100™.


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