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Keloid Removal Newnan

Keloid treatment can be elusive. However, Sensus Healthcare is giving keloid patients new hope with Superficial Radiation Therapy. Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) has proven to be effective in treating keloid scarring. In fact, about 94% of patients reported a decrease in the appearance of keloid scarring after treatment. When treating keloids, surgical removal of the keloids is required, and then SRT is used on the open wound. Typically, this involves a series of two treatments in the time span of two weeks. 

Not only can SRT treat keloids but it can also be used to treat non-melanoma skin cancer. In fact, SRT has the ability to treat non-melanoma skin cancer, non-invasively! SRT treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer includes penetrating the surface of the skin, without ever having to perform surgery. After a series of non-invasive treatments, you will be back to being skin cancer free!

Discover the amazing capabilities of SRT today for keloids and skin cancer. Contact us to find a Newnan treatment center today.


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