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Keloid Removal Douglasville

Are you suffering from keloid scarring? Patients with keloid scarring are losing hope in trying to find a treatment option that actually works. However, Sensus Healthcare has an effective treatment option with Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT). When a keloid is surgically removed, SRT is then used on the open wound. After this treatment is completed, around 94% of our patients reported that they saw a significant increase in the appearance of their keloid scarring. 

Alternatively, SRT is also very effective in treating non-melanoma skin cancer. For patients using SRT to treat non-melanoma skin cancer,  surgery is never involved. SRT has the ability to fully treat skin cancer by only penetrating the surface of the skin. Therefore, patients do not have to deal with wound care after treatment. Discover a Douglasville skin cancer treatment center nearest to you today.


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