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Skin Cancer Treatment Tampa Bay

Looking for the best skin cancer treatment Tampa Bay has to offer? Now there more options than ever before. If you were recently diagnosed with skin cancer, you are most likely looking for ways to remove the cancer quickly and efficiently. Many people get Mohs surgery to remove the lesion. Sensus Healthcare’s Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) offers a non-surgical alternative to the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer. With a 98% success rate, SRT delivers a tiny, controlled dose of radiation right underneath the surface of the skin. It treats the cancer cells, leaving the surrounding tissue healthy. 

Repeatedly treating the same keloid scars over and over can be frustrating and painful. Keloids tend to recur even after surgical removal. If you are suffering from keloid scarring, SRT can help to remove them for the long run. Following surgical removal, keloids treated with SRT have a remarkable success rate of 94%. Finally, you can remove your keloids once and for all.

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