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Keloid Treatment after Removal Palm Beach
Until now, traditional keloid removal methods have not been very effective, and many sufferers who are genetically prone to keloids—including African Americans, Latinos, and Asians—believe they simply must live with the scarring. Keloids, otherwise known as non-malignant tumors, can be caused by any trauma to the skin – whether through piercings, a burn, acne, etc.

Sensus Healthcare is bringing new hope to over 18 million people that suffer from keloid scarring. The SRT-100™ utilizes Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) to treat the keloided tissue at the source. Once the keloids are surgically removed, the SRT-100™ is used on the open wound. When this is done, the chances of the keloids coming back are very slim!

The SRT-100™ has proven remarkable cure rates. If you are currently located in Palm Beach and are looking for keloid removal treatment – look no further! Contact Sensus Healthcare today to learn more.

Keloid removal often involved surgery. Unfortunately, the keloids usually grew back at each new incision site. With only surgical keloid removal, the non-malignant tumors recurred in over 70 percent of cases. When surgical keloid removal is followed by Superficial Radiation Therapy, recurrence drops dramatically to as low as 10 percent.

Discover Palm Beach keloid removal that really works.

For people who live with these unsightly, sometimes painful, claw-like growths, keloids don’t just scar the skin, they can scar a person’s confidence. But not any more thanks to effective Palm Beach keloid removal. Patients who undergo quick and painless treatment with the SRT-100™ enjoy cure rates of 90 percent and higher.

In the past, Palm Beach keloid removal usually involved surgery. Unfortunately, the keloids grew back at the new incision site in 90 percent of cases. But when surgical keloid removal is followed by treatment with the SRT-100™, re-growth of keloids drops dramatically to just 10 percent or less—and often zero.

The SRT-100™ delivers a precise, calibrated dose of Superficial Radiotherapy that only goes skin deep. This low-dose of Superficial Radiotherapy safely destroys the cells that form keloids—keeping the skin smooth as the incision heals. Performed right in the doctor’s office, the non-invasive treatment is painless and only takes a few minutes. With minimally invasive keloid removal now available in Palm Beach, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your skin. The SRT-100™ lets you face the world with beautiful skin.

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