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Finding Your Skin Cancer Doctor or Keloid Doctor

Getting a diagnoses of skin cancer can be scary. Often, the standard course of care is Mohs Surgery. This can be intimidating for anyone, let alone people who have conditions that make them bad surgical candidates.  People who are bad surgical candidates may include people with certain medical conditions, those who are on medications, and people over the age of 65. Or, a person may simply not want to be cut into and put their life in hold while they heal! By finding a skin cancer doctor who treats non melanoma skin cancer with SRT, you can avoid surgery completely. SRT for skin cancer also boasts a 98% success rate! You deserve to know your treatment options, so find a doctor with SRT in your area!

Keloids can be devastating. They may also seem like a life sentence since they tend to reoccur. Evenafter being surgically removed, keloids tend to come back time and time again. When Superficial Radiation Therapy is used after the surgical excision of keloids, there is a 95% success rate. Finally, you can put unsightly keloid scarring behind you and face the world with confidence!

Superficial Radiation Therapy can be a life-changing option for people suffering from non-melanoma skin cancer or keloids. Find the doctor closest to you with our interactive map today!

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