Sensus Laser Aesthetic Solutions

Sensus Laser Aesthetic Solutions

Sensus Healthcare is proud to announce that we have acquired two mobile laser companies, Aesthetic Laser Partners and Aesthetic Mobile Laser Services and merged them in to one entity called Sensus Laser Aesthetic Solutions. Paul Miano and Matthew Hubbard each bring over 20 years of operational experience to Sensus and have built numerous and long-lasting connections via their services offered within Florida.

Sensus Laser Aesthetic Solutions gives medical and healthcare professionals the opportunity to give their customers the latest in advanced laser technology – all without the long-term financial commitment! With these affordable cosmetic laser rentals, physicians can now avoid the risk involved with equipment ownership, equipment depreciation and having to deal with maintenance issues.

The Sensus Laser Aesthetic Solutions Advantage:

  • The largest inventory of today’s most advanced laser technology available when you need it – where its is for one hour or for one day.
  • Comprehensive technical support through our trained staff who stay on site during use to assist the laser practitioner on laser operation and safety.
  • Affordable and flexible scheduling to meet your needs.
  • Company employed laser technicians that maintain and deliver the lasers on-time to your office.


Sensus Laser Aesthetic Solutions is the perfect compliment to our existing market and our Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) devices.


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