Keloid Removal Chandler Arizona

Keloid Removal Chandler Arizona

Looking for a Keloid Removal Specialist Near Me in Chandler, AZ?

If you are wondering how to get rid of a keloid in Chandler, AZ, then you are not alone. As about 10% of the adult population can expect to deal with a keloid scar (or multiple keloid scars) at some point in their lives, that means a good 25,000-plus people will get a keloid in Chandler, given the city’s population of more than a quarter million residents.

But of course you’re likely not as interested in who gets or what causes keloids, but more in figuring out how to achieve successful keloid removal. To get the best treatment for a keloid scars nearby, you need to find a Chandler, AZ keloid doctor who will customize your care to suit your needs, you keloid removal cost budget, and consider things like your timeframe for the treatment, your pain tolerance, and other factors. Let’s run through all of the most common keloid removal treatments so you know your options.

Keloid Removal Specialist Near Me in Chandler, AZ

Keloid Removal Specialist Near Me in Chandler, AZ

Successful Keloid Removal Options in Chandler, Arizona

Many keloid patients first try over the counter keloid creams, ointments, or compression products. These are usually quite affordable, only costing $15, $25, or perhaps $40 for a given keloid treatment product, but they rarely produce appreciable results and can take weeks or even months to show any sign or keloid size reduction.

In Chandler, AZ cryotherapy for keloids is often recommended by doctors to treat smaller keloids, such as those that form over acne scars or on earlobes. Freezing can be effective for removing smaller keloids, but the process can be painful and also cannot be applied to larger scars.

Keloid steroid injections can break up the collagen then forms the fibrous mass of the scar, causing it to shrink noticeably over time. Keloid steroid shots can cost up to or more than $100 per injection, and multiple shots are needed over the course of a multi-week treatment to truly shrink a scar. Because a keloid doctor can only administer a limited number of shots to a specific part of the body before risking damage to other healthy tissue nearby, this course of treatment is often incomplete.

Keloid removal surgery is the best way to achieve complete removal of a keloid scar, though of course it is the most expensive option in almost every case. Only a surgical excision can ensure a keloid scar is completely removed. But like all of the previously covered treatments, even keloid removal surgery can have one major issue attached: keloid scars often grow back after removal, sometimes coming back even worse than they were before.

That’s why so many Chandler, AZ keloid specialists recommend the use of Superficial Radiation Therapy to treat the area of a keloid removal surgery to ensure the scar never grows back. The pairing of keloid surgery and SRT treatments gives patients a 94% cure rate with keloids never growing back.

Keloid Removal Chandler Arizona

Keloid Removal Chandler Arizona

Is Superficial Radiation Therapy Safe?

Yes, SRT is a safe procedure. Devices such as the FDA-cleared SRT-100 from Sensus Healthcare deliver safe, low doses of radiation concentrated entirely on the outer layers of your skin, so no healthy tissue within your body are at risk for damage. The treatment eliminates the mast and fibroblast cells that lead to the development of keloid scars so your body’s regular healing mechanisms can do their work unimpeded.

And not only is SRT safe and effective at preventing keloid scars from growing back, it is also a highly successful treatment option for non-melanoma skin cancer.

Keloid Removal Options in Chandler, Arizona

Keloid Removal Options in Chandler, Arizona

SRT for Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatment in Chandler, AZ

More and more of the best skin cancer doctors in Chandler, Arizona are turning to Superficial Radiation Therapy for non-melanoma skin cancer treatment because it is noninvasive, essentially pain free, and it has a 98% cure rate for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. That is a cure rate that matches Mohs surgery, Chandler, AZ skin cancer doctors other preferred treatment method.

SRT can eliminate non-melanoma skin cancer so you can get back to your life, and in fact each outpatient procedure will not interfere with your life even during the course of treatment. There are no side-effects or lingering after affects caused by Superficial Radiation Therapy for skin cancer treatment.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Pictures and Symptoms

If you spot any of the following new developments on your skin, it’s time to talk to a skin cancer specialist in Chandler, AZ:

  • Waxy, yellowed, or flaky patches of skin
  • Irregularly shaped and/or colored moles
  • Sores that won’t heal
  • Raised bumps that are shiny and reddish or pink
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