Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey Acquires Sensus Healthcare’s Low-dose Radiation Therapy System to Treat Pneumonia in COVID-19 Patients

Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey Acquires Sensus Healthcare’s  Low-dose Radiation Therapy System to Treat Pneumonia in COVID-19 Patients

BOCA RATON, Fla. (January 6, 2021) – Sensus Healthcare, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRTS), a medical device company specializing in highly effective, non-invasive, minimally-invasive and cost-effective treatments for oncological and non-oncological conditions, today announced Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, New Jersey has acquired a Sensus low-dose radiation therapy system for the treatment of pneumonia in COVID-19 patients.

“We are delighted to play a part in helping to expand treatment options for COVID-19 patients with pneumonia, and appreciate that Holy Name Medical Center has recognized the potential of our low-dose radiation system in the fight against this pandemic. Our SRT-100+™ and SRT-100 Vision™ systems are portable and allow for bedside treatment in the intensive care unit, rather than transporting patients to a cancer treatment center for radiation therapy and possibly exposing vulnerable patients to the virus. We look forward to receiving data from Holy Name on the efficacy of our system for this use,” said Joe Sardano, chairman and chief executive officer of Sensus Healthcare.

“Our medical center was one of the first and hardest hit hospitals in the country,” said Adam Jarrett, MD, chief medical officer and executive vice president of medical affairs at Holy Name. “We know the critical importance of using every tool available in our toolkit, having been at the epicenter of New Jersey’s outbreak. The Sensus low-dose radiation therapy system is a potential treatment we can offer to eligible critically ill patients when other therapies have failed to improve their prognosis. The added bonus of this being a portable device allows us to maintain the highest level of safety, keeping COVID patients separate from non-COVID patients.”

Preliminary data from multiple ongoing trials suggest a positive therapeutic effect on COVID pneumonia,” said Jacqueline Brunetti, MD, medical director of radiology at Holy Name. “During a time where few options exist for these more severe cases, we hope to find evidence which supports the safety and efficacy of this treatment. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Sensus and lend our voices to the growing body of research in the year ahead.” Mr. Sardano added, “We are honored to be able to work alongside the dedicated physicians and administrators at Holy Name. The medical center has a record of leadership with investigational therapies – including Regeneron’s antibody cocktail – and with developing procedures since COVID-19 first began overwhelming the healthcare systems in the New York metropolitan area. As a result, Holy Name has played an important role in determining standard of care during a chaotic time. We are optimistic that their demonstrated success in treating patients will extend to the use of our low-dose radiation system.”

SRT-100 systems utilize Sensus Healthcare’s proprietary low-energy x-ray technology known as superficial radiation therapy (SRT). As a consequence of worldwide attention to low-dose radiation to treat COVID-19 pneumonia, Sensus Healthcare engaged an independent physiology laboratory that has confirmed SRT-100 and SRT-100 Vision systems emit sufficient radiation to penetrate the lungs with acceptable radiation levels in the surrounding organs.

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