FDA-Cleared SRT-100™ Revolutionizes Keloid Scar Treatment

FDA-Cleared SRT-100™ Revolutionizes Keloid Scar Treatment

July 27, 2013

New York, NY

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently gave Sensus Healthcare the clearance to use its revolutionary product, the SRT-100, the green signal to treat hypertrophic scars and keloid scars, or simply referred to as keloids. Sensus Healthcare claims that this technological advance in treating keloids will provide patients a “viable, safe, and cost-effective” alternative.

The SRT-100™ presents a whole new dimension in keloid scar treatment after removal. Prior to the clearance given by the FDA, prominent surgeons, dermatologists, and oncologists were given the opportunity to test out the SRT-100™ and many were astonished with the outcome. Said medical practitioners recommend the use of SRT-100 to treat patients who suffer from keloids.

The SRT-100™ is an equipment that utilizes the patented SharpBeam technology, a revolutionary superficial radiotherapy (SRT) innovation that isolates and then targets the affected skin area. This new keloid scar treatment after removal does not affect the surrounding and underlying healthy skin and tissues, a feature not present in modern and conventional keloid and hypertrophic scars removal procedures.

“Painful and potentially disfiguring keloid scars are very difficult to effectively treat by surgery or other means due to recurrence rates as high as 45% to 100%” said Dr. Mark S. Nestor, an official from the Center for Cosmetic Enhancement in Aventura, FL.

“This important indication can be applied to every surgical procedure for those patients susceptible to forming keloids,” Joe Sardano said. Sardano is the president and CEO of Sensus Healthcare.

Overall, the makers of SRT-100™ claim that their product provides painless scar treatment, as well as faster recovery process compared to other scar treatment options. Sensus Healthcare also claims that tests show lesser to no recurrence of keloids in patients.

Cryoshape, Ltd is a leading keloid and scar treatment clinic in the New York area. Cryoshape, Ltd only utilizes safe and FDA-cleared scar treatment options on their clients. With a team of highly qualified professionals led by a seasoned plastic surgeon, Cryoshape, Ltd guarantees its clients nothing but the best scar treatment options for any type of scars and keloids.

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