Sensus Healthcare: Treating Keloids

11 million people suffer from keloids. A keloid is a growth of extra scar tissue where the skin has healed after an injury. Keloids expand in claw-like growths over normal skin. They have the capability to hurt with a needle-like pain or to itch without warning, although the degree of sensation varies from person to person. Should keloids occur, the most effective treatment is Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT), which can achieve cure rates of up to 90%.

Sensus Healthcare’s SRT-100™ is a state-of-the-art and effective solution for treating keloids. Doctors can finally offer a superior and effective treatment option for their patients! Numerous clinical publications have demonstrated that combing SRT with surgery is the most effective and successful way to to treat and rid your patents of keloids. Keloids don’t have to be a chronic disease anymore.

  • 90%+ cure rate
  • Virtually Painless
  • Enhance Patient’s Quality of Life
  • Proven Treatment
  • Prevents Recurring Surgeries and Injections

The Benefits of SRT

Along with eliminating the risks for post-surgical infections and complications, the SRT-100™ provides patients and physicians with a safe and effective treatment option that offers many benefits, including:

  1. 95%+ cure rates that rival surgery
  2. No anesthesia, cutting, bleeding, stitching or pain
  3. No downtime or lifestyle restrictions
  4. Super cosmesis, no unsightly scarring
  5. No need for post-treatment reconstructive surgeries